Monday, 8 October 2012

Pumpkin Cake Ball Tutorial by ThatBakingGirl

Vive l'Internet!!  This is all I can say because I have had the great privilege of meeting some Dynamite people these last couple years.  Meet Heidi, a Canadian-Swiss Cookie-Addict Crazee Gal (much like myself!:-O
Heidi has something to share with you, and here it is:  Enjoy!! :-D

So here we are people, my first tutorial...a simple Halloween pumpkin and a "how to save you from a total failiure" idea! To create this cute little fella, you will need these items :
All brought to you by Kitschcakes (of course not the broken cake pop, that was all me folks!!)
Broken orange cake pop
Fondant, green and black
White Sixlets
Black food pen
1. As you can see, my cake ball fell right through, so what to do?
2. Prepare some fondant.
3. Roll some green for the stem and flaten the bottom. I put it right into the hole left by the stick and pressed it down, you won't be holding it from there, so no danger of falling!
4. Roll some green fondant really thinly and wrap around a toothpick to dry. When dry enough, dab one end with a bit of water and attach it to the stem for a bit more cuteness.
5. Meanwhile, attach some white sixlets with more melted choc, and add little black dots with your food pens for eyes.
6. Make an appropriate mouth out of black fondant. I stuck it on with a bit of water.
Voilà!!! He was surprised to fall of his stick, so a surprised expression for him!!!
List of items :
Green Fondant
Black Fondant
Food Pens

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