Monday, 8 October 2012

Making A Swirl Lollipop, by Thatbakinggirl

I'm on a roll here people, no pun intended, I think I will be able to put up all these tutorials before I go on vacation! So, a Halloween Swirl Lollipop! These are really fun to make and look super cute!
What you will need:
Round cookie baked on a lollipop stick
Orange and black fondant
Orange disco dust

That's it!
1. Roll out quite a length of both coloured fondants, as even as possible and longer than you may imagine, I eyeballed it-this is the result.
2. Once they are rolled out, twist them together. Start by folding them over, then you can roll them and they will spin together.
3. Once you get the tightness you want, flatten/roll the fondant snake (for lack of a better word) so that the colours blend.
4. Roll up the snake-no trick here, just start tightly and continue. It sticks together with no help.
5. Dab a tiny amount of water on your cookie and stick that swirl right on!
6. Using a paintbrush, sprinkle a bit of disco dust on top!!
I am sure your kids will love these and although these are great for Halloween, choose any fun colour for any season and they will look awesome!!
List of items :
Black fondant
Orange Fondant 
Orange disco dust 

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