Monday, 8 October 2012

Hallowe'en Pirate Head Tutorial, by Thatbakinggirl

Vive l'Internet!!  This is all I can say because I have had the great privilege of meeting some Dynamite people these last couple years.  Meet Heidi, a Canadian-Swiss Cookie-Addict Crazee Gal (much like myself!:-O
Heidi has something to share with you, and here it is:  Enjoy!! :-D

Ok people! Halloween fondant cookies on a stick! This is not something I do very often, so bear with me...Here I had almost too many pictures, I hope you can follow. 
What you will need :
Skeleton head cutter
White and black fondant
Black luster dust

Ball tool and the pointy one I don't know the name of
(I use saran wrap when cutting the fondant to give everything a rounder edge...)
So, you baked your cookie, with the lollipop stick already in it, it's ready to be used!
1. Cut out only the bones, using the cutter.
2. Place bones on cookie-I dabbed the cookie with a bit of water.
3. Cut out the head-use about 2 mm thick fondant for this.
4. Put it over the cookie.
5. Using a ball tool, make indentations for the eyes, I went pretty far down for this.
6. Put black luster dust in the eye sockets to give it more depth.
7. Make eyeballs with two white and two tiny black fondant balls.
8. Make little indentations for the nose and put luster dust in there too.
9. Mouth indentations-I put in dust too...
10. Make two strips of white fondant and put them in the mouth. Make lines for the teeth and luster dust in between for shading.
11. If you want a patch instead of 2 creepy eyes to make it piraty (I am sure this is a word), just take some blac fondant, make a patch and stick it on! There you go! A pirate skull lollipop cookie!
List of items
Black fondant :
White Fondant
Skull cookie cutter:
Tools :

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