Monday, 8 October 2012

Creepy Bat and Spider, by Thatbakinggirl

A bat!! Let's make him cute and scary. A bit of both right?
Soooo, what you'll need:
Cookie baked on stick
Bat cutter
Black, red and white fondant

Some kind of tool to shape the mouth
1. Hey, here is a picture of everything you need! Incl. the tool for which I do not know the name!!!
2. Cut out the bat, place it on cookie with a bit of water.
3. Take a fatter piece of the black fondant and cut only the middle part of his body. Use a knife to cut the edges...
4. Make the eyes using 2 white balls and 2 tiny black balls of fondant.
5. Stick 'em on!!
6. Take that tool, shaped like a semi circle, make a mouth.
7-8. Take a bit of red fondant and place it in the hole you made for the mouth.
9. Two tiny pieces of white fondant to shape teeth!
Now put the body on to the bat wings and you're ready to go! A Halloween bat!!
List of things you'll need
Bat cutter :
Black fondant :
White fondant :
Red fondant
The nameless tool :

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