Saturday, 24 March 2012

One Chapter Ends, a New One Begins...

Admittedly, it's been more than a while since I updated my Blog. These past months have been so hectic, it's a miracle Ms Kitsch hasn't checked into the crazy house. lol!

Seriously though, things could not have turned out better. The former Sugarshack became obviously too small in the Fall of 2011 and so I decided to search for something more spacious, with more parking possibilities, in a better location.
Luckily we found something that could not have been more appropriate. The entire Lobby floor of a very modern building, situated just 2 km away from my private home. With view of the alps, parking possibilities galore, easy to find, and just plain nice!
To make things even more appropriate, the building is WHITE and SQUARE! Now, The Sugarshack really looks like a Sugar Cube!!!:-D Gotta love that!!

Since February I've been running around moving all of the stuff I've accumulated over the past year (and it is amazing what I have picked up along the surprise there though...)
Parallel to that, I've also been searching and purchasing more appropriate furniture and deco items so that the Sugarshack is as inspiring as possible.
When everything is in its place, I'll be sure to Post something about it, along with many pictures. For now here's a pic of the White Sugarcube (see picture below - it is the building on the right).

Today I hosted the very first Cake Decoring Module I course, in one full day. I was a bit afraid I wouldn't have enough time to compact all of this information in only a few hours.
Exhausted, I went to bed early last night, not knowing full well in which sequence I was going to teach all of this "matière" to a full class. So I prayed to the Cake Gods for help and fell asleep.
This morning, I woke up after my deep coma and I swear the answers just came.
I ran to the Sugarshack, and magically drew out my Tagesplan upon my military Flip-chart, trying to keep to the essentials and eliminate the Chi-Chi bits.

It went really well and the class was just fantastic! In fact, here they are, sporting their new Diplomas.. Just too much fun!!!!

I'm very much looking forward to the Second Module, which will take place Saturday in a week.

Stay tuned for a follow-up! (PROMISE!!) :-D

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