Monday, 8 October 2012

The Fat Owl by Thatbakinggirl

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Fat Owl...In very few steps, hoping most of you know the basics of cake pop making...
Items you will need :
Orange and Black chocolate melts
Cake Pop sticks
Cake ball (of course...) 

Black sanding sugar
Royal Icing
Tiny orange heart sprinkle
Black food marker
1. Get your orange chocolate ready!
2. Make your owl shape. In this case I made him quite fat, because the fatter the owl, the cuter the result, I think... and made him space for eyes in case I would use sixlets, but went for RI instead.
3. You've dipped it all in orange choc. Get your black choc ready! No picture here but basically, dip your cake pop into the black choc, just enough to cover part of his body. Pour black sanding sugar over it soon as! Make sure your orange choc is really solid here, or the black sugar will stick to it!
4. Get your heart sprinkle ready, put a bit of melted choc on the back and place it in the middle. Using RI, make eyes, and lines in your colour choice on its belly. Use the black marker to make his little pupils!
Halloween owl, ooooooohhh!!!
Where to get your items:
Orange sticks
Orange heart sprinkles :
Black markers

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