Monday, 8 October 2012

The Nasty Pumpkin by Thatbakinggirl

Everyone loves a scary Halloween Jack o' Lantern, right? Well, I do, and a pumpkin on a lollipop stick? Well, that's actually one I would like to eat too!
What you will need:
Cookie baked directly on the stick
Pumpkin cutter
Orange and green fondant

Black edible ink pen
Some kind of face
1. Cut out your pumpkin shape, leaving out the stem.
2. I think this is pretty self explanatory...LOL!! Put both onto your cookie. I dabbed the cookie with a bit of water first.
3. Choose a face for your pumpkin and cut it down to size.
4. Now really, you can draw right on, but if I do that, I tend to ruin everything. So take a toothpick and push lightly everywhere you need help to remember where the line goes.
5. Can you see the tiny "holes" on that tiny picture?
6. Follow the tiny holes and fill in with your edible ink marker!
That's it!
List of items :
Pumpkin cutter 
Orange Fondant
Green fondant :
Black edible ink pen

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