Saturday, 4 June 2011

Pro7 vs TSR

LOTS has been going on at the SugaShack these past few weeks. So much in fact, that I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to climb out alive!

A little over one year ago Kitschcakes was merely an idea that popped into my head after returning from Cake Mecca in Chicago. One year later, Miss Kitsch has a fully equipped SugaShack , a classroom and a stock room. It is exquisitely decorated and an inspirational location for all aspiring decorators!

These past few weeks were very hectic because, parallel to executing the many orders I received for customized cakes, cookies and cupcakes, I had workshops and classes going on. This is business as usual.
However, the unexpected events that unfolded were rare opportunities that I simply had to take in: an opportunity to take part in an episode of the Funky Kitchen Club with René Schudel

This amazing experience completely opened my eyes to what really goes on behind the scenes of reality TV. The crew filmed the entire day and even stayed until late evening in order to film the cake decorating class that took place that night. My girls were such great sports about it all! A little camera shy of course (Miss Kitsch included), but they were awesome and I am so happy that they were able to take part in this historical moment.

On Wednesday night, the episode will be aired on Prosieben Schweiz at 20:00, and on Sunday night at 18:00. Ironically, I won't even be able to watch it on Wednesday because I will be in Bern with Mat (my hub), taking part in a political show that will be filmed LIVE on TSR (national TV)
And ironically once again, because I will be in Bern on LIVE TV, I won't be able to view the "TSR Mégaphone" show (which will also bring a few minutes of Miss Kitsch in the SugaShack.)

So in a nutshell, Kitschcakes will be talked about on the most popular Swiss german TV cooking show in Switzerland as well as the most popular French Swiss TV channel on the same night, and Miss Kitsch will not be able to watch and judge if her hair looks good or not;-)

Thank goodness for YouTube, because in the end that's where I'm going to see if I made a fool out of myself or not;-)

Sweet Cheers to all!

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