Sunday, 19 June 2011

Los Cupcakes OLé!!! :-D

Last week was quite memorable. On Tuesday night, I had the great pleasure of greeting 7 guests at my SugaShack. The goal of the soirée was to surprise Aïda with a birthday outing. Apparently Aïda was (get this...) fan of Kitschcakes:-D so her friends/co-workers thought it would be a great idea to celebrate Kitsch-Style, which makes Miss Kitsch verrrrrry happy!

The soirée started out with a small tour of the SugaShack, followed by various technical demonstrations on cupcake decorating. Since Aïda was "La Star", the theme of the soirée revolved around her likes and interests. This took some much appreciated brain-storming from her friend and organizer "Karin", but we managed to decorate our cupcakes "Spanish-Style", since Aïda is from there originally.
We decorated los Cupcakes con Spanish flags, fans, a hat that Aïda had purchased one week before while in Madrid, and Spanish roses. Of course some of the creations ran wild!

A little glimpse right here:

A side view here:

Everyone arranging los Cupcakes on the stand and Miss Kitsch doing what she does best: Laughing LOUD ;-D

Miss Kitsch even created a couple give-aways for each guests: Cupcake Pops in rojo y amarillo:-) and Spanish Flag cookies written "Aïda" (souvenir:-)

Here is a group photo after having un poco Prosecco. Notice how several people are wearing PINK?? Gotta LOVE that! Aïda seemed SOOOO happy!! Gotta love that even more!!!

Aïda, let me mention once more: I am not at all surprised that your friends went to great lengths to make you feel special on your special day. You are un Rayon de Soleil! :-D
Your enthusiasm for life is so contagious and your positive attitude is numbing. May you never change how you are and may we meet again for more great times!

Au revoir Aïda y gracias por todo!!!

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