Saturday, 18 June 2011

Funky Kitchen Club meets Kitschcakes VIDEO

Oh my Gosh! To say that this past week was insane would be an understatement. SO much has happened and it's been literally life-changing.

Last Wednesday the Funky Kitchen Club meets Kitschcakes episode finally aired. And little did I know, this historical cupcake episode came with lots of unexpected side effects.
For starters I received a phone call from Canal3, requesting a radio interview a few hours before the GERMAN!! I was like "oh my goodness how the hell am I going to pull that one off??". As though the woman who phoned me could read my thoughts, she proposed to send me the interview questions in advance... (DUH??!!)
I happily accepted so I could very well prepare...

If that weren't enough, Mathias and I had to be at the Hotel Bellevue in Bern, to get ready with hair and make-up preparations to go on national TV / TSR "LIVE" (omg!!). The show was due at 20:10, and the Funky Kitchen Club was airing at 20:00.

Anyway, all of this stress and excitement was enough to last me a little while. While I was seated, waiting for the "Live" show to go on the air, I had my iPhone and was monitoring my emails and texts that were piling in. It was so exciting, but strange at the same time.

The few days following the Funky Kitchen Club meets Kitschcakes episode were spent answering the hundreds upon hundreds of emails from all over Switzerland. It's as though people were woken up out of their intense comas, and they suddenly discovered that there is a whole exciting Cake universe out there, ready to be explored!

On the night of the "Live" show I didn't want to show up empty-handed, but didn't really know who I should create something for. Then I thought of the make-up artist who I had to see first thing and then said to myself: "hey, why don't I create a kit for her!", and so I did,
and here is it:

Before I left I handed this over to her and said "Merci, for doing such a great job!". I think she was completely shocked, as this was totally unexpected. She was speechless, and so I was happy: Mission Accomplie! :-D

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