Saturday, 13 December 2014

A Kitschmas Surprise!!

Coming up with completely new  DIY ideas is a very challenging task, especially for Christmas since one would imagine that everything imaginable has been created in one sweet form or another.

Personally, I LOVE Christmas tree ornaments and I collect them at grand scale. If it's hand made, exclusive, beautiful with lots of bling, I'm in!

Suddenly we had the idea of making our own Christmas tree cookie ornaments, but in 3D as opposed to the simpler traditional 2D version.  And.....with a SURPRISE INSIDE!! :-)

So after lots and lots of trial and error, we finally cracked the code and came up with the solution. We have it for you, right here in tutorial form. Give it a personal touch by playing with the wide range of metallic paint colors, by spicing up the surprise inside and making it fun or simply by adorning your ornament with sugar pearls or stenciled designs.
Either way, this project is loads of fun and a sure way to please the people you give it to!

Enjoy the Kitschmas Surprise!!

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