Saturday, 3 May 2014

Presenting Italian Meringue Buttercream

Here it is: Our VERY FIRST video ever! Although it took one week and a half to make, we are extremely happy with the results. Here you will find step by step instructions on how to make the absolute best buttercream EVER: Italian Meringue.

It is without a doubt the best topping for your cupcakes, the best filling for your macarons, and the best filling for your cakes. It is not too sweet, has a silky smooth texture. When it hits your mouth, THE SKY OPENS AND THE ANGELS SING!!

Not easy to make (I personally failed dozens of times before I got it right....), I am convinced it is worth the effort to try and try again, even if it means killing 10kg of butter (the hardest hit victim when the recipe fails).

So go ahead and give it a try. With this basic recipe you can branch out and hit every flavor of the rainbow. For example:

- add the best quality cacao powder you can possibly get your hands on and be prepared to become a chocoholic's best friend

- make your own sweet and tart raspberry puree and add it to the mix at the end (make sure to use a strainer to keep the seeds out for better texture).

- add the zest and juice of 2 squeezed lemons  an amaaaazingly tangy lemon buttercream taste.

- experiment with Bailey's Irish Cream, Coffee, Champagne...whatever strikes your fancy!

This recipe ROCKS! End of story:-)

We hope you will try it out and succeed!

Big hugs,

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