Monday, 11 March 2013

RJB @ The Sugarshack!

 Last week, I had the great pleasure to greet a radio journalist from a local radio station called RJB (Radio Jura  Bernois).  She was curious about what goes on at the Sugarshack during workshops.   I invited her to come and take a look.  She took her camera and microphone with and started taking pictures and interviewing the participants who spoke mainly French.  
Since every workshops it a total SURPRISE in terms of which language will dominate, (according to who understands what language), I was really praying that there would be at least a couple of people who could communicate in French, since the radio channel is entirely focused on the French-speaking population.

Prayers answered!  Coincidentally, half of the group was French speaking, so she was able to get "audible sound bites"  LOL!
Here are a few pics of what went on that morning:

Above:  the group hard at work and very focused.

The youngest participant:  a very dynamic and determined 11 year-old girl.  She was just amazing, showing plenty of interest and asking questions.  Not a shy bone in her body.

Above:  A few "quick-fix" embellishments...

And like every time, the "Best of" for the whole world to see!  :-D

For more info or for some "SOUND BITES" of the 10 minute radio show, click here:

Dans le monde coloré des cupcakes - RJB votre radio régionale

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