Friday, 15 March 2013

K-MEN Forever!

Last November, I received an interesting offer to design  some Gingerbread men (G-men) for the local Coop's Xmas campaign.
I was given several themes to work with, each theme represented by the Kitschcakes version of  G-men (renamed: K-MEN:-)

These cookies appeared in shopping malls, parking lots, several newspapers and even in the train station.  They were I must say, pretty perfect and I was so excited when I stumbled across the entire family pictured together, as shown above.  I remember when I made them, they were so time consuming and the deadline gave me no time to really get some decent shots so I am thrilled to share these with you, considering I just discovered this picture 15 minutes!

So here they are, Ladies and Gents:

The Kitsch-Men Family 2012:

Above:  train station in Biel/Bienne

 They were all designed using a choco-Kitsch Cookie recipe (although they were only for show), and all covered in fondant (a mix of light brown and chocolate brown Regalice).

Next step was piping the borders in dark brown colored royal icing (Americolor).  This was the base I used for each and every one.  Then I just cut out fondant elements to "pimp them up", and then using whatever was necessary to make it come to life (luster dusts, metallic edible food paint, and of course, plenty of Bling-Bling!!  Oh YEAHHHHH!!!!!!

Seriously, I really ought to broaden the selection soon (when I get a nanosecond to do so...)  Many different themes come to mind...
I'll keep that a little secret...

Bis Bald!

Here is where I found the group picture:


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