Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hair-Do's and Cake Toppers

I have a little secret to share with you all.  For as long as I can remember, I have been OBSESSED with my hair.
This will probably sound completely strange,  but an example of my hair obsession takes me back to when I was attending high school in my teenage years.   You know how nowadays we would never leave the house or go anywhere without our wallet and cell phone?  Well back then I would tag along my round hairbrush with me EVERYWHERE I went.   I would blindly roll it through my flippy hair and then ask my poor friends (for the hundredth time that day) if my hair was okay?

Seriously, it's a miracle that they put up with it!!

Anyway, these past few years have been busy as hell with business and our 3 little children and I find myself always obsessing about my hair, and having less and less time to do anything about it.  I have (in my humble opinion), very nice and  HEALTHY long hair, but 0 time to style it in the morning.  I have been dying and dreaming for "something new, stylish and upbeat-with-minimal-maintenance-involved", but previous hairstylists could never really grasp what I wanted.

"Enough is Enough", said Ms Kitsch, so I went to Miss Déesse (which means Goddess) - -  Now, a few points about Miss D:

1.  Miss D has, hands down, the most beautiful hair in Switzerland... (not anymore though...hee hee;-)
2.  PLUS, she'a a hairstylist
3.  She's a hockey Mom -- her 2 boys play ice hockey (like our oldest son Miles)
4.   AND she's married to my Ex-Boyfriend!  LOL!
She's a perfect fit!  I liked her from the Get-Go!

I went to Ms D. and told her this:
1.  I'm sick of my boring hair
2.  I want a new look
3.  You can't cut it (did that once--never again!  I swear I will die with long hair down to my bottom!)
4.  I want to wake up in the morning, spend maximum 60 seconds on my hair and have SUPERSTAR hair, for the rest of the day.
5.  GO!

So, Ms D took out her magic wand, cried out "Abracadabra" and gave me a Superstar Hairdo!!
Her magic wand looks like this:
And all she did was wrap each strand in this magic wand/straightening iron, to give CURLS that stay curly, day and night until you wash them!  This is what I've been waiting for my whole life!

I was so excited at this new finding that I cannot express this into words.  Nevertheless, I really wanted to thank Ms D for helping me out so I made her a cake!!!

Here is what the top looks like (above).   I always say that the top of a cake is as important as the hair on a woman's head.  It finishes off the look.  You can have super make-up, a super outfit, but if the hairdo is solala...........

Voilà!  Here is the finished piece.  A Purple Ombré Fondant Frills Cake with Gumpaste Roses.  Ms D's hair salon is purple and white, so the cake had to be purple.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how the colors turned out in this piece and honestly, I could stare at this cake all day long.  It is splendid!

So, all I wanted to say is MERCI à Ms D for understanding what I wanted.  I love my hair!  I hope you will love your cake just as much!

Above:  Ms Kitsch (Kitschcakes)  & Ms Déesse DS Hairstyling

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