Sunday, 17 February 2013

A TOUR Inside the Sugarshack...

Well it's almost one full year since Kitschcakes moved into her new Sugarshack.  The place really does feel like home and the well-lit colorful ambiance really is the perfect ingredient for creating the perfect setting for inspiration.

Last week, my Paparazzi husband took his fancy camera and keen eye to the pink location.  Following are photographs of what the Sugarshack looks like.  Above, the obvious view from the outside.

Above, what you would be seeing through the glass window:-)

Above, the classroom (where the party's at!!) :-D

Above, a few decorative items...

Above, LE MAGASIN!!!!  :-P

Above, a close-up of what one can find, at LE MAGASIN.

.......feeling observed??

Hope you enjoyed this little tour and that you will find it compelling enough to take the time to come by for a visit.

Big hugs and Sweet Cheers!

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