Monday, 3 October 2011

The Pike Gang! Just Too Much Fun!

UGH!! Has it been so long since I've last written? OMG I need to get on the ball with blogging, or else...

So much has been going on these last few weeks I dare not give out too much information (I'll definetly be keeping that info for several more posts, in due time;-) don't want to spill the confetti here...)
Let's put it this way: Miss Kitsch has plenty of open kitchen cupboards, full of sweet projects and surprises. It is all incredibly sweet and exciting and I'm just dying here, holding back.
However, the only bitter part has been the utter lack of sleep that comes with massive preparation. Tomorrow, Miss Kitsch heads out to ice hockey camp with Miles, my shining star. Despite me not being very "outdoorsy" or "adventurous" (as in sleeping in a room filled with bunk beds and several other people (who might snore:-O), I swear I am so sleep deprived at this point in time that I would happily sleep outside on the pavement if it meant that I could sleep a whole 6-7 hours all-in-one-piece!!!!

So really, this Ice Hockey Lager is exactly what I need right now! I can replenish my empty batteries and come back home with ideas galore!

Since July I've been wanting to post this, but never got around to it. I gave a private cupcake workshop to a fine bunch of Anglo ex-pats, including an Aussie! It was tooooo much fun! A fine bunch they were and among the group was a very skilled, artistic young man. He created some amazing designs. Ms Kitsch was impressed. He took plenty of pictures too! Here they are. Enjoy!

Introduction and orientation

Ms Kitsch demonstrating how to decorate...

Veryyyyyy concentrated

A sprinkle here, a sprinkle there...

What's that? LOL

Ahhhhhh, yes of course! Add some Royal Icing details and Presto!

This story was the best: This lovely lady from Australia works in a bakery that sells cupcakes--but she didn't know how to make them. The irony is that she had to come to Switzerland to learn how to make them (and they don't sell cupcakes in Swiss bakeries...LOL!!)

The Birthday girl checking out "The Best Of" finished product!

Verrrrryyy cute, guys!

"Say Kiiiiiitsch!" (for the camera)

It was fab meeting all of you! Keep in touch! :-D

Big Hugs and Sweet Cheers!

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