Sunday, 17 July 2011

Le Petit Prince

I think that one of the most gratifying things about what I do is the fact that I have met some pretty great people on my promenade "Off the Beaten Path" this past year.

One of the best things about cake decorating is that, people who find it as cool as I do are often a little crazy like myself! (so we immediately have something in common and usually hit it off straight away;-)

One particular person who comes to mind is "Miss Doudou", who is creator of something really cool called "La Doudouterie":

Her logo here:

One very fine day, Miss Doudou contacted Miss Kitsch, to inquire about getting a customized cake done for her baby boy's baptism. Ms Kitsch suggested they meet in person to discuss all the details about this fab cake and so they the SugarCasa. Details here...

During our meeting, I discovered many interesting things about Miss Doudou. Mainly that she customizes "Doudous" (stuffed animals). According to your wishes, she can design and create your own unique stuffed animal that is truly one-of-a-kind. I found this concept to be too cool and I must also add that Miss D has a keen eye for design. Her creations are personalized to the last detail as you can see for yourself while browzing her Blog.

The cake featured above was to be the Masterpiece at the event, and it had tremendous success. The Event's color theme was blue in every shade, and golden crowns were to be seen everywhere. On top of that, mini Wespas with candies attached to them were being given out to all guests to take home as a little souvenir. The cake had to represent all of these elements and, as you can see, I think we managed to design it appropriately.

Making this cake was truly a pleasure for me, mainly because I have added another person to my répertoire of "Kindred Spirits". And to this fact, all I can say is:
"Que la vie est belle!"

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